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Instructions - Assembling the LapDancer
Remove Lapdancer Armature and Mast by lifting the two wooden spacers from the box
Either unwind or cut the wire holding the Armature in place
Unscrew the Threaded Collar from the end of the Armature
Remove the Armature from the wooden spacers
Unscrew the Vertical Positioner and Base Tensioner from the Mast
Remove the Mast from the wooden spacers
Unscrew the Vertical Lock from the Mast
Insert the Mast through the bottom of the Base so that the Mast bolt is located in the Base recess
Thread the Base Tensioner onto the Mast and rotate it until it reaches the top of the Base
Hand tighten the Base Tensioner so that the Mast is secure
Thread the Vertical Lock onto the Mast and rotate until a few inches above the Base
Thread the Vertical Positioner onto the Mast and rotate onto the Vertical Lock
Slide the Armature onto the Mast with the 0° mark on the Face Angle Monitor pointing up
For optimal stability, the LapDancer's wooden base should be firmly affixed to a surface next to the grinder.PrismWare recommends clamping the base to a table or drilling holes in the base and screwing it to the surface.