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Instructions - Dopping an object

Dopping the object
A threaded coupler is provided with your LapDancer. This is used to attach an object to the LapDancer using an adhesive. Experience has shown that a two part epoxy or super glue both provide excellent adhesion to glass.

Note: The LapDancer dop is a 3/8-16 coupling nut. If you need more they are likely available at your local hardware store.

First, coat one end of the threaded coupler with an adhesive of your choice and immediately center the object onto the adhesive. If you are using epoxy, you may want to add addtional layers of adhesive around the glue joint as needed.

Next, tighten the threaded coupler onto the armature. Aim for about half of the length of the threaded coupler (not so far that the armature touches the object, of course).

Finally, tighten the serrated locking nut onto the coupler. It is recommended that a wrench or pliers be used on both the threaded coupler and the nut for a solid connection.

Removing the object
Once the object has been faceted, remove the object from the armature by loosening the serrated lock nut and unscrew the threaded coupler. Be sure to use a wrench or pliers on both the nut and threaded coupler to keep from damaging the armature.

NOTE: You should not remove the object from the armature until you have completed faceting the piece. The LapDancer does not have any mechanism to reacquire the face angle, so once removed you may have difficulty lining the piece back up with the grinder.

If the object is made from borosilicate and the adhesive used was epoxy, heat in the form of the torch or even a lighter can be used to gently soften the epoxy. Use a knife to scrape off the epoxy and repeat until the object can be cut off the threaded coupler. A bit of acetone will clean any residue off the object.

For super glue or attachments to soda lime glass ("soft glass"), soak the adhesive in acetone until the adhesive softens or dissolves and the object can be removed from the threaded coupler.