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Basic Faceting Equipment Requirements
All images and prices are from His Glassworks and used by permission

Flat Lap Wheel
8" Wheel with drip cup $580
8" Wheel with Lock Line Water
Requires a pump or a tubing kit to feed the Lock Line
12" CrystalMaster $2,217
Other wheel options: His Glassworks Flat Grinders
Steel Pad recommendations 8" - $69-$57
12" - $275-$122
500 Grit - great for shaping small and medium pieces (Necessary)
270 Grit - Gobbles up glass (Optional)
Resin Pad recommendations 8" - $26 each
12" - $79 each
325 Grit - shapes small pieces; cleans up after a steel pad (Necessary)
600 Grit - great final pre-polish pad; good for making accent facets (Optional)

LP66 - .050 8" - $18
12" - $37
Charge it with cerium, then use cerium in suspension for an incredible finish.
Make sure to order the 8" .050 pad for use with the LapDancer.
This pad matches the thickness of the steel and resin pads.
Cerium Oxide - used to charge the LP66 and in solution while polising $17.50

LapDancer Faceting Arm
Free-standing faceting arm that will mount next to any wheel
Comes with both the AS30° and AS45° Angle Selectors,
which create patterns using multiples of 6 and 4 facets, respecitvely
$719 - TopGrinder combo
TopGrinder for flattening ("tabling") the tops of pieces $69
PipeGrinder chuck dop made for the LapDancer faceting arm $89
Centering and Transfer Jig, made to help centering a piece on the dop
or keep the axis while transferring the dop
36° Angle Selector - Create patterns using multiples of 5 facets $89
40° Angle Selector - Create patterns using multiples of 3/6/9 facets $89

Sample Cost of entry (as of August, 2020)
8" Grinder with drip cup$580.00
8" Steel - 500 grit$57.00
8" Resin - 325 grit$26.00
8" Resin - 600 grit$26.00
8" LP66$18.00
One pound cerium oxide$17.50
LapDancer Combo$719.00
Transfer Jig$69.00