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PrismWare, Inc. is proud to announce that the LapDancer is now available exclusively through His Glassworks

Penny Magpie Misty

The LapDancer is a revolutionary faceting jig, perfect for artists and hobbyists. It is an independent, free-standing jig that was designed to work with a large range of lapidary grinders. The base can be clamped or screwed to a surface to provide a stable platform.
Included with every LapDancer jig
  • 30° Angle Selector
  • 45° Angle Selector
  • 3/8" Coupler (for attaching objects)
  • Serrated Lock Nut
  • Armature Extender

$669 - Free Shipping


$69 - Free Shipping

This accessory to the LapDancer provides a way to grind the top of a piece by holding it 90° to the grinder. A bubble level integrated into the TopGrinder aids in getting a flat surface.


LapDancer and TopGrinder Combo
LapDancer + TopGrinder combo!
$719 - Free shipping


$89 - Free Shipping

The PipeGrinder is a 1/2" chuck that can be attached to the LapDancer faceting arm and secured with the arm's locking nut. It allows a piece still on a blow tube or rod to be secured to the arm and faceted without adhesive.

Optional Angle Selectors

$89 - Free Shipping

AS36 - Every 18° allows multiples of 5
AS40 - Every 20° allows multiples of 3/6/9

Angle Selectors