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PrismWare, Inc. is proud to announce that the LapDancer is available exclusively through His Glassworks

Penny Magpie Misty

Raven Scarlett

The LapDancer is a revolutionary faceting jig, perfect for artists and hobbyists. It is an independent, free-standing jig that was designed to work with a large range of lapidary grinders. The base can be clamped or screwed to a surface to provide a stable platform.
Included with every LapDancer jig
  • 30° Angle Selector
  • 45° Angle Selector
  • 3/8" Coupler (for attaching objects)
  • Serrated Lock Nut
  • Armature Extender




The TopGrinder attachment allows you to get quick and easy precision flat tops on your faceted glass or stone. Simply attach your dopped piece onto the TopGrinder, adjust the height on the LapDancer mast using the installed bubble level, then quickly and simply grind and polish your top facet.



The PipeGrinder is a 1/2" chuck that can be attached to the LapDancer faceting arm and secured with the arm's locking nut. It allows a piece still on a blow tube or rod to be secured to the arm and faceted without adhesive.

Optional Angle Selectors

AS36 - Every 18° allows multiples of 5
AS40 - Every 20° allows multiples of 3/6/9



The Prismware Pinch-dop allows you to easily attach a tube to your faceting arm making it easy to facet pieces still attached to your tubing. They come in three sizes:
- 19mm
- 28mm
- 32mm
- Custom sizes may be requested through Prismware