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Instructions - Using the TopGrinder

About the TopGrinder
The TopGrinder attaches to the Armature to form a 90° angle to the lapidary grinding surface. The dopped object attaches to the TopGrinder, allowing the top of the object to be flattened.

Attaching the TopGrinder to the Armature

  • Remove the Armature Locking Nut
  • Rethread the Armature Locking Nut about 1.5" onto the Armature with the hex face facing out
  • Remove the TopGrinder lock from the end of the TopGrinder
  • Slide the TopGrinder hex side of the Armature Locking Recess onto the Armature Locking Nut
  • Firmly hand tighten the TopGrinder Lock into the conical side of the Armature Locking Recess

Using the TopGrinder

  • Attach the dopped object to the TopGrinder
  • Tighten the TopGrinder Dop Locking Nut using wrenches
  • Adjust the LapDancer Armature height so the TopGrinder bubble level indicates the part is flat
  • Begin the grind, holding the TopGrinder firmly; it can still be forced off level while grinding
  • Repeat grinding the top of the object from initial grind to polish